The Frog: Avoid Negative People

Once There was a frog, Who wanted to climb up a tree. This was the frog’s wish for many years but it kept it inside its heart.

one day it mustered up the courage and decided that it will climb the tree. But something came in its way.

it saw that a lot of other frogs are telling it not to go up there. Because they thought it’s impossible, and practically if you see it, that’s really not worth trying.

But still, regardless of all these voices, it couldn’t resist not going up. Although the frog needed to be prepared for insult in cases if it didn’t reach up.

Now is the time, Every other frog is shouting, It’s impossible, you can’t do it, You have gone mad, With big laughs.

At this moment there was no way back, the frog had to reach the top or else it would become a shame for him.

After many struggles finally, it reached the top. You know why? Because the frog was deaf, it could not hear other frogs.

When other frogs were shouting “impossible”, This deaf frog thought they are cheering to go for it. And he made it.


If the frog was not deaf, Do you think it could climb up the tree? I don’t think so! Because negative voices help us say goodbye to many positive things.

If we become deaf to all the negative voices around us, We can do the same. We will be able to get to the top if we try and give our best.

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