A Boy And A Star Fish (Little things Matter)

Once there was a little boy, throwing the starfishes in the water.

A man was passing by him and asked him what is he doing, He replied he is giving lives to these fishes. Then the man replied, But it doesn’t matter, They are thousands, you can’t make a difference.

The man wanted to teach him, that it does not matter how much you throw, It does not matter how long you through, Here are thousands of these, How can you save all of them?

But the little boy, With a good heart, knew that it matters, So he picked up another starfish, and throw it into the water.

The man thought that this boy is crazy, He does not understand what he is doing? He thought this boy is innocent and does not know anything.

The boy threw another starfish, and said, “I made difference for that one”.


Little things in life matter, We don’t value little things, But it’s that one small thing that creates the difference in your life.

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